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Grow Your Vision

At Case & Space, we craft environments that echo your dreams, marrying breathtaking aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Picture a home where every room flows effortlessly into the next, or an office that enhances your productivity and creativity — this is where our expertise shines. We're passionate about transforming your spaces into settings that not only dazzle the eyes but also resonate with your lifestyle. Let's co-create spaces that inspire every day, turning your vision into a living masterpiece.


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  1. Expert organizing services to revitalize cluttered spaces into paragons of efficiency and aesthetics.

  2. Tailored organizing strategies for homes and businesses, fostering improved functionality and daily productivity.

  3. Advanced decluttering and systematizing techniques for optimal space utilization and enhanced living and working environments.

  4. Extend organizing services to digital spaces, including email management, digital file organization, and online content curation.



  1. Discover the value of your treasures with our Valuation Guidance & Strategic Advisory service. With a strong foundation in the luxury, antique, and vintage markets, evidenced by over 2,000 successful online sales and glowing reviews from over 800 clients via our sister site, we bring you an unparalleled insight into item worth and market trends. While we usually don't handle direct liquidation, our expertise allows us to quickly identify potential values and provide you with advice on the best avenues for your items. 

  2. Offering insightful advice on selling, donating, or repurposing items to honor both their emotional value and market potential.

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  1. Home Management Concierge Services: Elite support for managing daily household tasks and vendor coordination, ensuring seamless home operations.

  2. Small Business Organizational Support: Tailored organizational strategies to boost your business's efficiency and productivity.

  3. Event Creative Direction and Organization: Transforming visions into unforgettable events with expert planning and creative flair.

  4. Financial Oversight for Households: Assistance in categorizing household spending and identifying opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenses, optimizing your financial health.



Personalized Downsizing Services

  1. Conduct a thorough inventory of possessions to identify what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.

  2. Advise on how to reconfigure existing spaces to accommodate a downsized lifestyle, ensuring that reduced possessions fit comfortably and functionally.

  3. Help with preservation of memories, such as digital photo albums as one parts with physical items.

Estate Liquidation Support

  1. Assess value of personal and household items to determine their market worth.

  2. Develop strategies for liquidating items, including estate sales, online auctions, consignment, or direct sales to collectors and dealers.

  3. Identify suitable charities for donations, managing the logistics of item drop-off or pick-up.

Estate Organization

  1. Sort and organize important documents related to the estate, such as wills, financial records, and personal papers, ensuring easy access for executors and family members.

  2. Coordinate the final clearance of the property, including cleaning, repairs, and staging, if the property is to be sold or rented.

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Who We Are

Case & Space is a a boutique design firm specializing in custom cabinetry, elegant built-ins, and professional organization for all living spaces, now also offering web design services to elevate your digital presence.

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