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Welcome to CASE & SPACE

The manifestation of a journey that spans over two decades, blending project management prowess with the art of interior design and the allure of luxury. I am Amy, the founder of Case & Space, and here's a glimpse into the path that has led to the creation of this boutique design firm, renowned for its ability to transform, inspire, and invigorate every space we touch.





A Foundation in Project Management

My professional story begins in the vibrant telecom industry of the 1990s. Amidst the technology boom, I found myself at the heart of innovation, managing complex projects for rapidly growing companies across San Francisco and New York City. This era was more than just about technological advancements; it was where I cultivated my foundational skills in project management and sales support, learning the intricacies of delivering excellence under pressure and the importance of meticulous planning and execution.



Case & Space:

In 2002, leveraging my rich experience in project management, I ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship with Case & Space. My vision was clear: to create a boutique interior design firm that specializes in custom cabinetry, space planning, and home organization. Case & Space is more than a company; it's a conduit for transforming, inspiring, and infusing energy into living spaces. Over the past 22 years, my team and I have designed functional yet stylish closets, kitchens, baths, media centers, bookcases, and furniture, catering to diverse lifestyles and careers. Our mission has always been to restore flow and harmony to every space we touch, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Beautiful Elegant Custom Closet
Tigers With Chains


A Foray into Luxury and a Gemologist Eye 

The journey took an exciting turn in 2012 with the launch of Mon Tigre, an upscale online luxury brand that offers a curated selection of preloved jewelry, handbags, and fashionable accessories, often with a touch of vintage elegance. Mon Tigre is a testament to my passion for beauty and luxury, showcasing carefully selected pieces that promise to add a touch of sophistication to any collection. My commitment to excellence and authenticity led me to pursue a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which I received in 2020. This qualification not only deepened my understanding of jewelry but also equipped me with the expertise to identify, buy, and sell jewelry with confidence, ensuring that Mon Tigre offers nothing but the best.



Web and Branding Services

The creation and branding of Mon Tigre unveiled yet another facet of my capabilities—web design and branding services. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an understanding of digital landscapes, I now offer these services to clients looking to carve their unique identity in the digital world.


CASE & SPACE And Beyond

Today, Case & Space stands as a beacon of creativity and functionality, seamlessly blending interior design with the elegance of luxury brands. With each project, whether it's transforming a living space or curating a collection of luxury items, my goal remains the same: to inspire and elevate. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to creating more beauty, together

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