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From avant-garde to traditional, Case & Space will combine vision, style, and function with quality and craftsmanship.

+1 415 378.1969

Case & Space can quickly and dramatically transform spaces by introducing ways to manage chaos, projects, and even ideas. From tedious sorting to creative placement of your favorite belongings, we can help attractively and functionally restore order and introduce life-changing systems.




Single Person 


  • 1-hour consultation - $85 per hour 

  • 4-hour organizing sesssion - $65 per hour 

  • 6-hour organizing session - $60 per hour

  • 8-hour organizing sesssion - $55 per hour


2 People


  • 4-hour organizing session at $90 per hour

  • 6-hour organizing session at $85 per hour

  • 8-hour organizing sesssion at $80 per hour 


For design service rates, please contact Amy at +1 415.478.1969 or by email at


  • Rates vary depending on size and scope of the project

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